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Are you looking for a professional audio service that can make your music or media project shine? Look no further than Sacher Audio Services, where I will capture your best performance and help you craft your unique sound. Whether you need a powerful metal, rock, or singer/songwriter production, or a high-quality post-production for your TV, film, or commercial project, I have the skills and experience to deliver. I have done sound design for popular TV shows on NBC Sports, HGTV, Discovery Channel, CBC and Teletoon, and ADR and voice editing for the upcoming reality TV series “Nation Untamed” on APTN. I have also worked as a live mixing engineer for various music venues and houses of worship, giving me a deep insight into how to connect you with your audience. I have been in the music and broadcasting industry since the late 1990s, and I am passionate about bringing your vision to life. Don’t settle for less, get in touch with me today and let’s take your project to the next level!

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So your recording is done? Great!

What now?

Click the "Get in Touch" button below to begin the mixing and mastering process.  Sacher Audio Service's goal is to make your mix stand out with punch, depth and clarity that you'll be happy with for years to come.

Using the latest modern mixing and mastering techniques (and a few old ones as well), we'll unleash your monster mix for your audience!

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Recent Work
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With the current situation related to COVID-19, Sacher Audio Services is well equipped to help you record at home, in your OWN environment!  With over 23 years of experience in the music industry & audio post production industries, Sacher Audio Services can guide you through the entire recording process from preparation through to final delivery to you, your agency, record label or podcast.  We can do this together through the wonders of the internet!  I can help you record your performance, guide you through the best takes, and then edit, mix and master it for you. Easy, right? Don't let self-isolation leave you isolated! 

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"First and foremost, I can't recommend Jake enough to work with you on your projects.
He has spent countless hours with us making sure each and every member was satisfied with our product, he set up time at Private Ear to record live drums and provided a comfortable and productive environment at his home studio for DI and Vocals. Throughout our project he has mentored me with any questions I have had navigating the local music scene and business side of the operation. He takes the utmost pride in the work that he does and isn't satisfied until you are. We will definitely be coming back to Sacher Audio for future projects."

Cam Taylor / Guitarist + Songwriter / Disgrace The Race

"I recorded my last two solo records with Jake Sacher and it was the best experience I’ve had laying down tracks. Two of the songs made their way to SiriusXM based on the quality and input from Jake. He’s an incredible musician himself with a trained ear for all styles of music... A thousand metal fists raised in the air in support of a true recording icon in Manitoba"

Jason Bekiaris / Songwriter / Metal Knight, Sound Rage, Wreckage

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